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what is this?

2011-12-08 23:33:06 by Clankclank-Ima-tank

What steps must be taken by the NG admins in order for my song to appear on the audio portal? Also what is a rough estimate of time before it is put in the portal?

How would I go about getting music I submitted onto the portal?

How the hell do you get scouted?

So what if I'm new!

2010-11-11 00:27:03 by Clankclank-Ima-tank

I'm gonna start working on a... BRAND NEW Thingy of artwork! Nothing spectacular though... Why the heck are you reading this crap! Why did I write this crap?!? Oh well, I feel like one of those Internet bloggers! Oh crap!


2010-11-11 00:10:16 by Clankclank-Ima-tank

Lolz I'm new!